Quidient Reality® Platform

Quidient Reality Platform Composed of Engine, Database, Apps, and Sensor Management

Quidient Reality® is a spatial imaging platform for Generalized Scene Reconstruction. It includes a Scene Processing Engine and Plenoptic (5D) Database. The platform connects to sensors through a sensor management interface. Quidient Reality® supports applications through a standard API. Reference Apps are provided. It is designed to be deployed across various physical devices including smartphones, digital cameras, wearables, automobiles, UAVs, robotics and appliances (IoT).

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Scene Processing Engine

The Quidient Reality® Engine performs the calculations necessary to reconstruct the relightable matter field and plenoptic light field. The engine includes a subscene codec, which can encode and transmit a portion of a scene to view on a remote device.

5D Database

A Quidient Reality® Database stores the relightable matter field separately from the interacting plenoptic light field. Among other benefits, this allows for 3D machine learning based upon the matter field substantially independent of lighting conditions. The database has a spatially sorted, hierarchical, and multi-resolution structure. Therefore, it can represent scenes of virtually unlimited levels of detail (SUDs). Our unique structure enables exceptionally fast searching of a scene based upon shape, size, color, texture, and material properties (such as sheen or reflectivity).

The 3D Relightable Matter Field and the 2D Plenoptic Light Field Combine to Create the 5D Plenoptic Database.
Quidient Reality Reference App on a Laptop Mock Up

Reference Applications

Quidient Reality® Reference Apps provides examples of basic visualization and analytic functions using our API. Development Partners use the API to create their own Custom Apps. Upon request, Quidient develops PRO Modules with customized scene processing, also accessible through the API. Example scene processing includes object recognition, damage assessment, feature extraction, dimensioning, change tracking, scene search, editing, estimation, fitting, navigation, 3D printing, visualization, and augmentation.

Sensor Management

Quidient Reality® is designed to integrate smoothly into our Development Partners’ existing or planned physical platforms. Quidient is also developing a reference design, “QSP 4200,” to serve as a quick-launch point for deriving new Development Partner solutions. This reference design includes a 360° camera for determining the ambient light field, a polarimetric camera for capturing the intended scene, and a user interface. It also includes both local scene processing hardware and a communications link for connecting to a cloud-based server farm.

Quidient Reality Mock Ups with Clip-On Cameras with Smartphones, Tablets, and Selfie Sticks

Software Development Services

Quidient works with Development Partners using agile methods to build applications, engine components, and sensor drivers that function with the Quidient Reality® Platform.