The Quidient Reality® Platform

Quidient Reality’s SDK is helping development partners bring real objects and scenes into the virtual world. The secret? A groundbreaking new technology called Generalized Scene Reconstruction (GSR). For the first time, it’s possible to easily virtualize scenes using mobile devices.


Create a Virtual Model of Any Object or Scene

Quidient Reality is capable of reconstructing any material, including glass and metal. This chrome whale is a render of real objects that was reconstructed by Quidient using a handheld device.


Development Partners Powered by Quidient

Quidient is powering transformational applications for some of the top organizations in the world, including Fortune 500 companies and major government agencies. Quidient’s development partnerships offer industry leaders early access to GSR.

Entertainment, Air Force, Space Force, and Department of Energy
Entertainment, Air Force, Space Force, and Department of Energy

Transformational Applications

Quidient enables thousands of new applications across every industry, transforming the way people live and work. Looking to the future, portaling™ is an essential way to add virtual objects and scenes to worlds in the Metaverse.

Are you an industry-leading early adopter with an “impossible”
scene reconstruction problem?

Metaverse, Real Estate, Telehealth, Virtual Try-On, Indoor BIM, Insurance Claims, Toys-to-Life, and Furniture Preview

We’re Hiring

Key positions are open for brilliant researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

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