Scene. Means a region in space and time that is occupied by light and matter.

Generalized Scene. Means a hypothetical real Scene that represents virtually any place on earth.

Plenoptic. Describes light traveling omni-directionally through positions in space. It takes five dimensions (5D) to describe something plenoptically.

Reconstruction. Means the creation of a spatial (3D, 4D or 5D) model from one or more images of a real scene. Reconstructed models can represent objects and scenes.

Generalized Scene Reconstruction. Means the creation of spatial models of any Generalized Scene. Note that a Generalized Scene imaged in visible light includes materials and objects that are shiny, partially transmissive, featureless and finely structured. Generalized Scenes are routinely photographed, but the world is not even close to spatially reconstructing them. Examples of generalized objects include curved monochromatic surfaces, glassware, automobiles and trees. Examples of Generalized Scenes include modern kitchens, contemporary offices and flower gardens.

Scenes of virtually Unlimited Detail. Means a scene model that can be displayed or otherwise processed to virtually unlimited levels of detail.