quidient entrance

Quidient Opens New Tech Center in Columbia, MD

Columbia, MD. March, 2019 /QuidientNewsWire/ Quidient announces the opening of its new technology center in Columbia, Maryland. In its 2016 article entitled Best Places to Live, Money Magazine named Columbia ‘the ultimate hometown in America.” Team members working at the Tech Center will have reasonable commutes from parts of Washington D.C., MD; Annapolis, MD; Baltimore,…

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vehicle hail dent measurement

Vehicle Dent Measurement

1. Introduction Vehicle dent measurement is one of many applications of Quidient’s Scene Reconstruction and Processing Engine technology. A dent is a feature of a surface that can be sensed, represented and processed like other features. Referring to Figure 1 and Figure 2, this document describes concepts of dent measurement in vehicle panels and describes…

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hail dent accuracy technology

Quantifying Hail Dent Accuracy

Overview To test the profile measuring accuracy of a hail dent recorder, the HDR 4200, we built a ½-scale automotive panel (“mini-hood”) using metals and automotive finishes comparable to a typical automobile. We dented the panel to simulate hail damage. Next, we contracted with a third-party company to measure the mini-hood using a highly accurate…

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colors for sizing hail dents

Sizing Hail Dents using Machine Learning

Overview Using our dented “mini-hood” and our Hail Damage Recorder (HDR) 4200 prototype, we previously demonstrated the ability to create 3D dent profiles from a single image that measured within 28-micron RMSE in comparison to a highly accurate Zeiss Comet structured light system. We also provided a method for using this measured profile to determine…

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